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Wildfire Basics for Professionals: Hazard Reduction for Arborists and Landscapers

This 2-pager is a great reference for Arborists and Landscapers to practice firewise landscaping.

Firewise landscaping is a global phenomenon that is based on science and observations of past fires and is proven to be effective in reducing wildfire risk for residents.

As an Arborist or Landscaper, being able to reduce the ignition risk of clientsʻ homes can be a very valuable element to your product. Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization recommends being familiar with the firewise landscaping methods to help protect homes from fire, and offer this valuable tool to your resource!

2018-19 Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Management Results


In 2015, HWMO’s Technical Advisory Committee, comprised of more than 35 fire and natural resource experts from across the state, discussed Hawaii’s lack of consolidated landscape-level information on vegetative fire fuels treatments. 

To start to fill the gap, HWMO conducted a Rapid Mapping Assessment and facilitated Collaborative Action Planning on Vegetation Management in 2018-19 to:

  • Better understand all of the important hazard reduction already happening by diverse land managers;

  • Identify and prioritize actions that address the island-wide fire issue to optimize expenditures and efforts and maximize protection at the landscape-scale;

  • To kick-start collaboration, information sharing, and integrate fire-thinking into current activities to address the cross-boundary fire risk.

We thank State Division of Forestry and Wildlife, University of Hawaiʻi CTAHR Cooperative Extension, and Pacific Fire Exchange for their collaborative support on this project. Funding was provided by Hawaiʻi State Grant-in-Aid Program, 2016, and the U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, under the terms of Grant No. 16-11052012-146 and No. 17-DG-11052012-143. USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

We also thank the many mapping participants, workshop attendees, and survey respondents who made this all possible!

The preliminary results of the Rapid Mapping Assessment and Collaborative Action Planning can be found below.

**Full Report Coming Soon**

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