Hawaii State Wildfire History Interactive Map - Geoportal

The Hawaii State Wildfire History HWMO spearheaded comes to life in this interactive map, made possible by our friends at UH Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). Click around the map to locate wildfires that have occurred from 2002-2011 across the entire state and track down their sizes (acreage burned).

From the Source:

"HWMO led a multi-year, multi-partner effort with fire response agencies and resource managers (see below) to create compatible reporting among agencies, and to compile the first ever statewide wildfire history data set.  In Hawaii, fire suppression agencies use reporting formats that differ in the type of information and level of detail recorded per fire event. These differences have prevented mapping and identifying fire trends and emerging problems at community, county, and state levels. The HWMO Hawaii State Wildfire History data set is intended to: (1) aid communities in developing federally compliant Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP); (2) support research on the ecological and social drivers of wildfire; (3) communicate the extent of fire occurrence and threat in Hawaii with national and local funding agencies/grantors; (4) secure external resources to address fire issues; and (5) engage communities in wildfire preparedness activities."