Know Fire K-8th Grade Waikoloa Wildfire Safety Park and Demonstration Garden Curriculum

The Know Fire program is an all-encompassing education tool targeted towards K-8th grade. This curriculum covers activities focusing on basic fire science, fire ecology, fire prevention, and native Hawaiian plants and is meant for teaching at the Waikoloa Dryland Wildfire Safety Park at the end of Melia Street in Waikoloa Village.

We at HWMO always look forward to the opportunity to teach our bright young future about basic fire science, fire ecology, and fire prevention. Our staff puts on exciting interactive classroom lectures and experiments, along with innovative field games for schools, camps, and youth organizations across the Big Island. 

Contact us if you would like to have us put on these engaging and fun events at your school! 

Click the image above to view an example of a curriculum activity provided in the document.

We hope to eventually expand the scope of our youth curriculum by becoming congruent with Department of Education standards. As a result, we envision our wildfire lessons to become an integrated part of Hawaii-wide 
classroom education.