Best Management Practices

Forest Action Plans - Hawaii

Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) developed an "Action Plan to compliment and reinforce the missions of [its] many partners working on various aspects of water resources management. Wildfire management is specifically addressed in the plan.

Lessons Learned Video Center

Assortment of useful lessons learned videos on fuels management, restoration projects, and more.

Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds & Their Aquatic Resources Main Page

"The Atlas of Hawaiian Watershed and Their Aquatic Resources was created to provide an accounting of the information on watersheds, streams, and the animals that inhabit the streams available to the resource managers at the Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR)."

Community Wildfire Safety Through Regulation: A Best Practices Guide for Planners and Regulators

A manual that clearly outlines the most vital resources for planners and regulators concerned with fire mitigation around residences. This is a comprehensive source for learning about fire risk, adopting fire regulations, and implementing those regulations.

Fire Effects Information System

FEIS contains literature reviews on more than 1,100 species and their relationships with fire. Reviews cover plants and animals throughout the United States. However, flora and fauna of Hawaii are not covered (except in the limited cases where these species occur on both the mainland and the islands). This site provides a wealth of information for NEPA, resource planning, and fire management.

Fire Research Institute Main Page

A not-for-profit organization with 80,000 citations for books, journal articles, videos, training manuals, dissertations, news reports, and other material on wildland fire. Moreover, the collection includes citations relevant to Hawaii and the Pacific.