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Hawaii Wildfire Interactive Webapp

Click above to check out the HWMO Webapp

Click above to check out the HWMO Webapp

Why a Hawaii Wildfire webapp?

As an organization that serves all who live, work, or visit the Hawaiian Islands and parts of the Western Pacific, we want to make wildfire-related information readily available at your fingertips. We hope this app will be useful for you to learn more about the wildfire hazards in your own area so that you will be better equipped to take action in your community.

What does the Hawaii Wildfire webapp do?

The Hawaii Wildfire webapp visualizes wildfire data across Hawaii. It has four types of data: fire history, community hazard assessments, community input information, and census data.

Knowledge is power!

We want to say a big thank you to Niklas Lollo and Evangeline McGlynn, PhD candidates at the University of California, Berkeley, for developing the app in conjunction with Data Sciences for the 21st Century. Their hard work and dedication to this app no doubt shows in the final result.

If you have any questions or feedback, you can e-mail HWMO at or call (808) 885-0900.

2017 Wildfire in Hawaii - PFX Annual Summary

Check out this brand new resource to learn how the wildfire season went in Hawaii in 2017 with this Pacific Fire Exchange fact sheet. Download the full fact sheet by clicking the button below.

"Every wildfire incident is part of a larger pattern of wildfire occurrence and is an opportunity to gain experience and insight for wildfire management. Taking a look at both the big picture and individual fires can: Deepen and expand our understanding of wildfire drivers, behavior, and response; improve wildfire response, management, and science; reduce negative impacts on individuals, communities, natural resources, and response agency budgets."


Hawaii Wildfire Impacts Flyer

Hawaii has a devastating wildfire problem. While under-publicized nationally, the scale and scope of wildfires in Hawaii are extreme. Take a look and please share widely!

HWMO VIDEO: Kawaihae Fire and Flood 2015 - Mauka to Makai Impacts

HWMO produced this short PSA video demonstrating the mauka-to-makai effects of wildfire with footage and photographs documenting the post-fire floods in Kawaihae in August 2015, that negatively impacted the nearshore resources including coral reefs.

Fire Management Today - Building a Spatial Database of Fire Occurrence in Hawaii

The article, written by HWMO's Elizabeth Pickett and University of Hawaii's Andrew Pierce, is titled Building a Spatial Database of Fire Occurrence in Hawaii. Ms. Pickett and Dr. Pierce describe the arduous process of collecting, compiling, mapping, and analyzing years of wildfire ignition records from various fire response agencies. 

Hawaii State Wildfire History Interactive Map - Geoportal

Hawaii State Wildfire History Interactive Map - Geoportal

The Hawaii State Wildfire History HWMO spearheaded comes to life in this interactive map, made possible by our friends at UH Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). Click around the map to locate wildfires that have occurred from 2002-2011 across the entire state and track down their sizes (acreage burned).

State of Hawaii Wildfire History Map

With the help of US Forest Service funding and collaboration with the University of Hawaii, HWMO labored to collect fire event records from federal, state, and local fire agencies from across the board. In the spring of 2013, the HWMO staff spent countless hours putting together a massive spreadsheet with the records that they data checked and geo-located fire by fire. 

Compare Wildfire and Acres Burned

Aggregated US Wildfire statistics limited to starts and acres burned figures.