Incident Reports

2017 Wildfire in Hawaii - PFX Annual Summary

Check out this brand new resource to learn how the wildfire season went in Hawaii in 2017 with this Pacific Fire Exchange fact sheet. Download the full fact sheet by clicking the button below.

"Every wildfire incident is part of a larger pattern of wildfire occurrence and is an opportunity to gain experience and insight for wildfire management. Taking a look at both the big picture and individual fires can: Deepen and expand our understanding of wildfire drivers, behavior, and response; improve wildfire response, management, and science; reduce negative impacts on individuals, communities, natural resources, and response agency budgets."


Fire Management Today - Building a Spatial Database of Fire Occurrence in Hawaii

The article, written by HWMO's Elizabeth Pickett and University of Hawaii's Andrew Pierce, is titled Building a Spatial Database of Fire Occurrence in Hawaii. Ms. Pickett and Dr. Pierce describe the arduous process of collecting, compiling, mapping, and analyzing years of wildfire ignition records from various fire response agencies. 

National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

“This Web site provides system resources and an overview of the standard national reporting system used by U.S. fire departments to report fires and other incidents to which they respond and to maintain records of these incidents in a uniform manner. The site also includes information on training, technical support, and information for vendors who develop NFIRS-compatible software programs.”

Compare Wildfire and Acres Burned

Aggregated US Wildfire statistics limited to starts and acres burned figures.

National Year-to-Date Report on Fires and Acres Burned by State

Year-by-year records on Fires and Acres Burned by State; unfortunately, very incomplete for Hawaii (something we are all working on vigorously at the moment!)