Management Plans

Forest Action Plans - Hawaii

Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) developed an "Action Plan to compliment and reinforce the missions of [its] many partners working on various aspects of water resources management. Wildfire management is specifically addressed in the plan.

U.S. Army Hawaii - Integrated Wildland Fire Management Plan

Complete Environmental Impact Statement Integrated Wildland Fire Management Plan with details on Pre-Suppression, Fire Suppression, Post-Fire Actions and detailed area descriptions.

DOFAW Operational Policy Handbook for Wildland Fire Control

"This handbook presents fundamental information for the control of wildland fire burning in vegetative fuels. It includes necessary useful information on safe procedures, practices, organization and management, as well as other topics that are essential for the safe and successful prevention and control of wildland fires, as authorized under Chapter 185 (Land Fire Protection Law, Hawaii Revised Statutes)."