How to Complete New Online Firewise Application Process


Calling all Firewise Communities and potential new ones: Firewise has a new online application system worthy of checking out right away. Get started on your application early so you can see the new changes and save your progress along the way before the November 15 due date for renewals.

Wanting to get a new community started? Give us a shout and we'll help you out!

Fuels and Wildfire Behavior - Training Module

"This PFX Training Module is a self-paced mini-course that includes short self-assessments throughout. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand how fuel type, characteristics, arrangement, and environment affects fire risk and fire behavior.
  • Be able to identify hazardous fuels types and arrangements on a landscape. "

FEMA ICS Resource Center

"The Incident Command System (ICS) is an incident management approach that allows for the integration of resources within a common organizational structure; and enables a coordinated response among all agencies."

FireFit Program

"This program was created with the intent to provide the interagency wildland fire community with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, fitness program with the ultimate goal of improving firefighter safety and health and reducing injuries. This program provides a basic format for a well balanced fitness program that can be augmented as local units see fit. Program success will rely on management support at every level as well as individual's motivation and participation."

Agricultural Leadership Program of Hawaii

Trainings and workshops for developing collaborative leadership tools.

Firewise Firefighter Safety Online Course

“The Firefighter Safety Series is a multipart information package from the National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program. It addresses problems faced by structural and wildland firefighters when fighting fires, especially those threatening structures in the wildland/urban interface. An important goal is to improve knowledge of firefighter safety and survival issues.”

Fire Research Institute Main Page

A not-for-profit organization with 80,000 citations for books, journal articles, videos, training manuals, dissertations, news reports, and other material on wildland fire. Moreover, the collection includes citations relevant to Hawaii and the Pacific.