wildfire basics for professionals: educator series

Introduction: Wildfire Basics for Professionals, Educator Series

Welcome to Wildfire Basics for Professionals: Educator series. This educator series consists of 5 training modules that are geared towards teachers interested in incorporating wildfire awareness and information into curriculum. Incorporating some of these techniques and ideas into curriculum can help students become more aware of wildfire danger, and how to mitigate wildfire risks.

Module 4: Wildfire Basics for Professionals, Educator Series

This module gives an overview of the KNOW Fire curriculum structure that will be presented in greater detail during module 5. It displays the meaning behind WHY it is important to teach wildfire concepts in a particular order, and which concepts are best to apply to different ability levels.

Module 5: Wildfire Basics for Professionals, Educator Series

This module goes over each of the curriculum activities that we recommend teaching to students. The activities are meant to be fun, challenging, and educational methods to help students learn that they can be a part of mitigating wildfires in their community. This module displays some effective methods that can be used to teach students about the many dimensions of wildfire mitigation.