Community Wildfire Hazard Assessments - Hawaii Island (North)

HWMO has conducted a state-wide hazard assessment with the help of our many wonderful partners who took the time to drive every street on each island to determine hazard ratings for each area. The Subdivision, Vegetation, and Building hazard categories were rated by site inspections to each community.  The Fire Hazard and Protection categories were rated by fire responders with expert understanding of their agencies and local environments.

There are 36 different criteria (i.e. “Ignition Risk”, “Water Source Availability”) per area, each with its own “Fire Environment Rating” scaled from Low to High. This wealth of information will continue to guide CWPPs and other fire management activities going forward.

NOTE: Uninhabited wildland or protected areas were not assessed for hazard using this format, as it is designed specifically to inform the Communities at Risk mapping project.

This set of hazard assessments is for the north side of Hawaii Island.