In 2015, Kanehoa became the first community in over a decade to become a nationally-recognized Firewise Community. Since then, over 10 communities have joined the movement statewide and more continue to join!

Firewise Communities Recognition Program

Starting in July 2015, HWMO began working with communities statewide to help them achieve Firewise Community Certification. The recognition program is part of a nationwide effort of over 1,400 (and counting) working towards a common goal: protecting the community from wildfire.

In 2014, Kohala-By-the-Sea was still the only Firewise Community in the state. Their amazing efforts have lasted over a decade...but we thought, why not go all out and shoot for at least 10 in two years?

We have done just that and more. HWMO has assisted 12 communities on Hawaii Island, Maui, and Oahu since 2015 to help them achieve national Firewise Communities recognition. Our proud new members of this movement are:

Hawaii Island
1) Kanehoa, 2015, in good standing for 2019
2) Waikoloa Village, 2016, in good standing for 2018
3) Waialea, 2016, in good standing for 2019
4) Puako, 2016, in good standing for 2019
5) Honokoa, 2016, in good standing for 2019
6) Kohala Waterfront, 2017, in good standing for 2019
7) Waikii Ranch, 2017, in good standing for 2019
8) Puukapu pastoral lots, 2018, in good standing for 2019

1) Waiohuli, 2016, in good standing for 2019
2) Kahikinui, 2016, in good standing for 2018
3) Launiupoko, 2016, in good standing for 2019

1) Kamilonui-Mariner’s Cove, 2018, in good standing for 2019

We currently have funding from the U.S. Forest Service until June 2019 to assist at least 2 more communities towards achieving Firewise Community recognition. This includes a wildfire preparedness workshop, community-wide hazard assessment, application assistance, work day event co-organizing, and any other help needed, free of charge. If your community is interested, we can help you through the simple and achievable steps of the certification process. Contact us today!

The benefits of becoming a recognized Firewise Community include: 

  • Increase wildfire safety and resiliency

  • Unite together as a community

  • Build new partnerships

  • Gain greater access to federal grant funding for projects

  • Be a part of a growing movement in Hawaii and across the nation

  • Have lots of fun!

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to support your wildfire protection efforts, so we work hard to secure grant and donated funds to provide these services at no cost to you or your community. Becoming a nationally-recognized Firewise Community is an excellent step toward safeguarding your family, home, and neighborhood. Additionally, the certified Firewise Communities across Hawaiʻi have opportunities to get together, support each other, and learn from one another.

Will you join us in becoming the next Firewise Community?