Waimea and Puako Catholic Church Presentations

Pablo Beimler speaks to church members about importance of preparing early for wildfires.

Wildfire Preparedness Month lasts all of May, so to keep spreading the message of wildfire prep, HWMO’s Pablo Beimler visited the Sunday services for Waimea Annunciation Church and Puako Ascension Church on the morning of May 8th. Pablo spoke briefly to the large gatherings of devoted Catholics to share the importance of preparing early for wildfires and to keep an eye out for the launch of the new Wildfire & Drought Look Out! campaign. The theme of the sermon led by Father Steve, a member of the HWMO Fundraising Committee, was about the importance of building community as a foundation for one's livelihood, something we could not agree more on.

May is also an important month for HWMO’s fundraising. HWMO’s staff and partners are working hard to ensure Hawaii’s communities, lands, and waters are safe from wildfires. HWMO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies on generous contributions from people like you. A number of service-goers on Sunday gave generous donations to help our cause. We left charity boxes at each church location for donations. You can make a difference this May by donating at our charity boxes hosted at these Hawaii Island locations:

  • Waikoloa Village Pro Shop
  • Banjy's Restaurant
  • Waikoloa Community Church
  • Lava Java in Kona and Waikoloa
  • Daylight Mind in Kona and Waikoloa
  • Healthways Waimea
  • Waimea Coffee Company
  • Waimea Annunciation Church
  • Puako Ascension Church
  • My Bar in Kona

Mahalo for your help! You can also donate on our secure webpage.

Waimea Annunciation Church Presentation 5/8/16