Forest Stewards RSG Workshop for Large Landowners/Managers

Even on the "wet side", wildfires can be an important risk to factor in, especially during long-periods of drought, which are becoming more and more frequent. 

Workshop held at Kilauea Military Camp.

On September 11th, HWMO's Pablo Beimler drove to Kilauea Military Camp, located within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - right across from Kilauea Caldera, to give an hour workshop on how to prepare for wildfires as a large landowner/manager. HWMO was invited by our long-time partner, J.B. Friday, who is the Extension Forester for University of Hawaii CTAHR Cooperative Extension. Every year, J.B. holds a Forest Stewards multi-day workshop to "train community volunteers to take care of their forests and to reach out to their neighbors with good information."

Topics can include:

  • Invasive plant species
  • Good quality tree seedling identification
  • County property taxes for forestry
  • Soil health

Pablo stressed the importance of planning, especially fire management planning, in order to reduce the chance for a wildfire to occur and limit the rate of spread and intensity of a wildfire in and around one's property (through active fuels management). The worst plan is to not have a plan!