HFD New Recruit Ready Set Go! Workshop 2015

Pablo Beimler wraps up presentation with HFD's new class of firefighters.

Every year, a new class of bright, young men and women are recruited by Hawaii Fire Department to join their firefighting ranks. For the second straight year, HWMO was invited to talk to the recruits during their training at Hawaii Preparatory Academy (HPA) in Waimea. HWMO's Pablo Beimler gave a presentation on the wildfire issues that Hawaii currently faces and the importance of getting out to the community to talk about ways people could prevent and protect their families and homes from wildfire. Pablo zeroed-in on the details of the Ready, Set, Go! program, which has been a great teaching tool for HWMO over the past few years. We hope that the new recruits left with a good understanding for what the Ready, Set, Go! program is all about and are now knowledgeable enough about it to share the program's messages with Hawaii's residents.