July 4th Parker Ranch Rodeo and Horse Races 2014

HWMO teamed up this past weekend with its long-time partner Parker Ranch to run the July 4th Rodeo and Horse Races Food Drive at the Parker Ranch Arena in Waimea. Visitors hauled in 4 large boxes full of canned goods for Kokua Christian Ministries, a non-profit that distributes food to those in need within the Waimea, Waikoloa, and Kohala area. In addition to the food drive, HWMO's Pablo Beimler, Tyler McCullough, Elizabeth Pickett, and Tom Loomis distributed Ready, Set, Go! Hawaii Guides and the newly created HWMO Fireworks Safety Brochures (http://www.scribd.com/doc/231506894/Fireworks-Safety-Brochure-Hawaii-County) to numerous families along with the all-too-addicting Smokey the Bear frisbees, among other goods.

Community members also stopped by to jot down on colorful paper cards what they cared about most in Hawaii and why, as part of an art project HWMO is currently assembling (more details to come.) The cards also doubled as lottery tickets, offering visitors the chance to win either a free HWMO T-shirt or a free defensible space home assessment conducted by HWMO's knowledgable staff members. The exciting rodeo event was a great success even with the rain and wind that created logistical obstacles for HWMO, which the staff was craftily able to overcome. 

Banner photo: Keiki recite what they know about wildfire in Hawaii with Elizabeth Pickett, Executive Director of HWMO.