Launiupoko Firewise Day 2016

Launiupoko Firewise Committee members gathered together to put together wildfire preparedness mailers for over 350 residents.

Launiupoko in Western Maui is well on their way to Firewise Community certification as of 2016, making them one of the first to be certified on the island (Waiohuli and Kahikinui are also in the mix). To fulfill their “Firewise Day” requirement for the year, the Launiupoko Firewise Committee gathered at a home to put together mailer packets with wildfire preparedness information, including Hawaii Ready, Set, Go! Wildfire Action Guides, for over 350 residents. The committee members than handed off the packets to the local association management, who then mailed them off to all residents in Launiupoko. 

The handoff: giving the mailer packets to the association staff to send out to residents.

We are so proud of the work Launiupoko has done to truly take matters into their own hands and already address wildfire concerns that were identified during a community hazard assessment earlier in the year. Keep up the good work, Launiupoko! Mahalo to West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership for their invaluable help this year with the certification process, as well. 

Launiupoko Firewise Day Outreach Mail-Out 11/30/16