Malaai Garden Take Action Campaign Recruitment

Pablo Beimler explains what it takes to apply for a Take Action funding award.

Healthy food, healthy living, community service - all words that come to mind when one mentions Malaai Culinary Garden. The student garden, "a one acre organic garden grown by and for" students at Waimea Middle School, hosted HWMO Education and Outreach Coordinator, Pablo Beimler, for its morning classes on November 10th. Pablo, who also is a volunteer at Malaai, came to speak to the students about an exciting community service opportunity. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released an award contest for young adults (ages 13-22) who were willing to start and complete a neighborhood project to prevent or reduce wildfire threats in the area. Students could work on a number of projects and once they completed it, they could enter the 2015 Take Action contest for a chance to be a recipient of a $500 funding award. The award could be used for future education costs, or as a donation to their favorite charitable organization.

Five students took particular interest and sat down with Pablo to discuss ideas for projects in their neighborhood. One student, for example, decided to make a fire prevention sign that he could post next to his home, which is situated next to the busy Kawaihae Road. Other student ideas included making a "good v. bad defensible space" video and clearing fuels around Malaai Garden. It was great to see students who were enthusiastic about making a difference in their community and we only hope to grow this enthusiasm with future student events. 

Stay tuned for updates on the student projects!