Ocean Warriors Fire Lesson - 2013

HWMO collaborated with the Ocean Warriors program for a Fire Day in Waikoloa. Elizabeth Pickett and Pablo Beimler met with Tom Loomis and Maja Sommerfeld from Ocean Warriors to give a lesson on fire ecology and issues relevant to the Waikoloa region. Wildfire issues in Waikoloa are some of the most rampant on the island and are tied into ocean issues due to post-fire erosion and runoff events. 

The middle school students also enjoyed an informative guest lecture by Jen Lawson of one of HWMO's many local partner organizations: Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative. Jen touched on the importance of restoring native dryland forest vegetation to help combat the vicious fire cycle that has severely reduced the populations and chances for the repopulation of native dryland species.

As part of the concluding events to help the students visualize the fire cycle, we put on a game of "fire tag" which the energized kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Banner photo: Tom Loomis (right) prepares students for a game of fire tag.