Ready, Set, Go! Workshop with Hawaii Fire Department New Recruits

HWMO had the honor to speak to this year's new class of Hawaii Fire Department firefighters at their training at Waimea's Hawaii Preparatory Academy campus. Around 30 firefighters, most of them new recruits, sat attentively as HWMO's Elizabeth Pickett introduced the group to what Hawaii Wildfire does and the breadth of the wildfire issue in Hawaii. Pablo Beimler followed by handing out Ready, Set, Go! Hawaii Wildland Fire Action Guides to all of the firefighters in attendance and going through what the Ready, Set, Go! program entails. 

The presentation was an excellent opportunity to reach out to a fresh new group of enthusiastic young firefighters about the successful outreach program which they will be able to teach to the public. 

Mahalo to our wonderful partners from the Hawaii Fire Department!

Banner photo: Attentive crowd of Hawaii Fire Department new recruits take part in Ready, Set, Go! Workshop.