Ready, Set, Go! Workshop with Kona Mauka Rotary Club

HWMO's Elizabeth Pickett and Pablo Beimler traveled down to Teshima's Restaurant on November 18th to meet with Kona Mauka Rotary Club members and give a Ready, Set, Go! presentation. Around 25 attendees turned their ears towards the HWMO representatives who spoke of Hawaii's wildfire issues, how HWMO was helping reduce wildfire hazards around communities, and what each attendee could do to protect their home and family. We had some great follow-up questions and discussions after the presentation, as well. 

We'd like to thank the Rotary Club for being such great hosts at each of our workshops with them.

Banner photo: Around 25 Kona Mauka Rotary Club members listen-in as Elizabeth Pickett talks about Hawaii's wildfire issues.