Waikoloa Wildfire Action Team - Ready, Set, Go! Training

As a small non-profit located in Waimea but with wildfire prevention and mitigation projects throughout the State of Hawaii, we are constantly busy. That's when community support and action can be a real help to us and the entire community. 

Waikoloa is one of those communities that are heating up in terms of taking action in the name of preventing and minimizing wildfire threats. On February 28th, thirteen members of the newly-formed Waikoloa Wildfire Action Team gathered at the Waikoloa Community Room for a Ready, Set, Go! Training put on by Hawaii Wildfire's Elizabeth Pickett and Pablo Beimler.

Ms. Pickett and Mr. Beimler dove into the Ready, Set, Go! program during the presentation and then led the trainees out to the Waikoloa Dryland Wildfire Safety Park (just a short walk from the community room) to give a hands-on demonstration of the principles of being "Ready" for wildfire. The sunset tour excited the action team members, who took great interest in learning about the native Hawaiian plants in the garden and how they could integrate them into their own landscaping.

As a next step for the group, each member will work on reducing wildfire hazards around the home (and on the home) this month and reconvene at the end of March to show before and after photos of the work they have done.

If your community is interested in starting a wildfire action team like Waikoloa's, we are the people to ask for help! 

Banner photo: The exciting revival of the Waikoloa Wildfire Action Team!