Waikoloa Wildfire Preparedness Action Team - First Meeting

In conjunction with Waikoloa Community Development Corporation and Waikoloa Village Association, Hawaii Wildfire is helping to establish a Waikoloa Wildfire Preparedness Action Team to address the dangerous wildfire conditions that the Waikoloa Village community currently faces. Nearly a decade ago, the largest wildfire in Hawaii history consumed over 25,000 acres of grassland, threatening Waikoloa Village. Those same grasslands have grown back to dangerous levels after our recent extended rainy season. With conditions predicted to be extremely dry in the coming season, Waikoloa’s increasing wildfire hazard is of great concern. 

On Wednesday, February 4th, 30 members of the community packed the Waikoloa Community Room to discuss next steps for taking on the wildfire issue. Community members came charged to the event. Although the discussion amongst attendees was initially driven towards Waikoloa Village Association fuels management of vacant lots, the conversation eventually steered toward personal and neighborhood action to reduce the fire risk.

Those interested in neighborhood projects decided that the first step was to become "Firewise-trained." As a result, attendees requested HWMO to provide Firewise training at the Waikoloa Community Room on February 28th at 4:30p. HWMO is pleased to provide the requested training.

The training will begin with a workshop on the "Ready" portion of the Ready, Set, Go! program, highlighting ways to create defensible space around the home and fire-proof structures around the property. After the presentation, HWMO will lead the trainees out to the Waikoloa Dryland Wildfire Safety Park (just next door to the Community Room) to give a hands-on demonstration of the principles of being "Ready." The training will be open to the general public and we highly encourage all those interested in joining the Waikoloa Wildfire Preparedness Action Team to come! 

Banner photo: 30 residents in attendance for the resurgence of the Waikoloa Wildfire Prep Team.