Students learn about "ladder fuels" by doing some morning koa stretches between activities.

School Assemblies and Classroom Activities

In order to reach out to a large, diverse student population, the HWMO staff puts on school assemblies statewide. We present basic and essential fire science and safety lessons through lessons adapted to different age groups within the K-8th range. Students learn the basics of the fire triangle, the fire cycle in Hawaii, and the principles and applications of the Ready, Set, Go! program. We don't just have the kids sit through the whole lesson, we have them get up and partake in interactive and informative activities that include a native plant recognition game and a native plant tour. The assemblies and classroom activities are fun and interactive, and in the end, there's nothing we enjoy more than seeing smiles on the faces of kids who learned a whole lot in one day.

We are able to tailor lessons to specific topics faculty would like to see taught to the students. Our lessons can be adapted to a number of different fields of study from biology to math to computer science to cultural studies. 

Contact us if you would like to schedule one of these amazing events at your school!