Ongoing Brush Fire Burns Estimated 2,500 Acres on Nanakuli Ridge

When there is drought, there is no doubt that wildfires are right around the corner. A number of homes were threatened from this fast-spreading wildfire. We hope all remain safe and informed regarding fire updates from HFD. Remember, even if the fire may seem like it is heading away from danger, our ever-changing winds are a constant threat and can rapidly change the direction of the fire. Stay vigilant!

Courtesy - Kristopher Pinero

Courtesy - Hawaii News Now

From the Source:

"'It’s been difficult cause of weather, weather plays a big role cause in the daytime the wind usually comes down the slope but at night time things change and the wind changes direction and goes up slope so it plays tricks on the fire and helps go in a different direction,' said Honolulu Fire Dept. Capt. James Todd."

“'Our main object to protect homes so now its high on mountain but just in case there are hot spots some embers still burning,' said Paul Miguel with the Honolulu Fire Department. 'The challenges are cause of terrain its steep even in lower areas it was easy accessible. Did a great job putting out edge of fire. We’re going to keep an eye on it cause there’s a lot of hot spots. Then there’s the steepness going up. Maybe four going up tomorrow,'"