Bulky Trash Near Hydrants Obstructs Firefighters

Screenshot from KITV4 video.

Disposing of green waste in Hawaii may not always be the most convenient chore for residents, but taking that extra step to dispose of it makes a huge difference for the community. Not only are you helping eliminate "eye-sores", but you are also contributing immensely to public safety. Less green waste means less of a wildfire risk and greater access for firefighters who rely on every second. Check out this KITV4 exclusive:

From the Source:

"You can't park your car in front of a hydrant, so why would you block the fire hydrant and then risk the firemen not being able to access it when there is a fire." - Jimmy Muneoka, Kahaluu Resident

"Residents need to become partners with each other and look out for people who are dumping on their own sidewalks." - Kymberly Pine, Honolulu City Council