Brush Fire Burns 350 Acres Above Kaanapali

Photo Credit: Paul Karanik (Aug. 14th, 3:57 p.m.)

One of the major obstacles for firefighters to overcome in Hawaii is gaining access to wildfires. The recent Kaanapali fire demonstrated just that. Even so, firefighters were able to control the fire and are continuing to monitor any flare-ups.

From the Source:

"Last night fire came as close as a quarter-mile from homes in the Kāʻanapali Estates area, but at last check structures are not in immediate danger.

Lahaina fire crews arrived on scene at 3:15 p.m. and reported having trouble finding access routes to the fire, which was estimated to be around 5 acres at the time.  Fire officials say the burn area included gulches and difficult terrain."

"It has not yet been called extinguished; there are still smoldering areas far enough within the 'black' that it is of low concern.

It’s typical to let those areas cool and snuff themselves out. Also, by giving it time, problem areas will show themselves by emitting puffs of smoke.

Crews are making periodic fire patrols throughout the day and will call it extinguished after enough time has passed without seeing any 'smokies' in the fire area."