Brush Fire Scorches 50 Acres, Shuts Down Highway in Wahiawa

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Click above to view video.

Don't let the green grass deceive you! Even during the "wet season," wildfires can ignite and spread quickly. Stay alert and have a plan. Make sure to keep those grasses and weeds that are growing with all the rain away from your house. Learn more by checking out the Ready, Set, Go! Wildland Fire Action Guide.

From the Source:

"All the traffic going the other way, so we can sit in traffic going back and try to get through Waialua or we can sit here and at least see what's going on," motorist Leslie Maxwell said. 

The fire burned pretty close to the edge of Kamehameha Highway. Because of the wind conditions, fire officials were worried the fire was going to jump the road.

"The trade winds were going this way when we first arrived on scene, so the perimeter along Kamehameha Highway was burning. It was in danger of jumping Kamehameha Highway, but the wind shifted and it started burning the opposite direction so it worked in our favor," Battalion Chief Paul Kato said.

Fire officials say several abandoned vehicles and debris within homeless camps in the area were damaged in the fire.