Cal Fire Begins Defensible Space Inspections Early Because of Drought (VIDEO)

It's never too early to take preventative measures, especially considering the predicted giant wildfire season this year. Contact us at Hawaii Wildfire if you would like us to conduct a defensible space home assessment.  

From the Source:

"Cal Fire has battled more than 650 fires so far this year, more than triple the average, as a result of the dry conditions from the drought.

Normally, the total number of fires in January and February is 200, according to Cal Fire.

Cal Fire started inspecting homes in high-risk areas this week, ensuring people are maintaining at least 100 feet of defensible space around their homes.

'This year, we’re doing that several months earlier because of that increased fire threat that we’ve been seeing across the state,' spokesman Daniel Berlant said.

Fire inspectors are asking people to remove flammable vegetation, space out trees and plants and trim branches, among other things, to create a buffer zone around their homes and to help out firefighters."

Above: Courtesy of KCRA

Above: Courtesy of KCRA