500-Acre Calabasas Fire - All Evacuation Orders Lifted

"Burned hillsides surround a home in Calabasas." (Michael Owen Baker/AFP/Getty Images)

Resident evacuations in Calabasas, a suburb of Los Angeles, proved to be a vital part of firefighting efforts this week. More than 5,000 residents left their homes during mandatory evacuations, allowing for firefighters to focus efforts on firefighting in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. Does your family have and practice an evacuation plan?

From the Source:

"With the hundreds of homes that we had in threat, the fact that we had no damage (to homes) is definitely a very positive effort by the residents of Calabasas and Topanga," he said, "and also, of course, the the firefighters that were in there trying to save those structures." - KTLA

“Firefighters are still trying to identify what commercial building was destroyed by the fire. The damage to the two homes was minor. Officials praised aggressive brush clearance by residents for preventing more damage.” - Los Angeles Times

‘Shari Davis was watching the television news Saturday as reporters said that much of Mountains Restoration Trust land used by her new summer day camp was scorched. Davis, who along with her husband owns and operates Camp Wildcraft, said, ‘I am kind of in despair at the moment.’

‘It looks like the whole area could be destroyed,’ Davis said. 

More than 50 children were set to arrive at the camp next week, and Davis said she was composing an email to parents letting them know that the camp might need to make alternate plans.” - Los Angeles Times