City Says Improper Charcoal Dumping Burned Shower Tree

Credit: KITV

Credit: KITV

From the Source:

"The city Department of Parks and Recreation is asking the public to be more careful when using fire. It says the dumping of charcoals at the base of a shower tree at a Windward Oahu beach park and campground resulted the tree’s destruction last weekend."

"The Department of Parks and Recreation would like to take this opportunity to remind park users and campers to properly dispose of their charcoal, burnt wood, or other organic fire-fueling material in the designated charcoal disposal bins," urges the city via a press release.

"Disposing of these materials in regular trash cans, near trees, on other plant life, or on the beach, poses a safety and environmental hazard. The coals may appear to be extinguished but can be reignited. This is especially true if you bury used coals in the sand. The sand insulates the heat of the embers and can keep them hot for hours. This poses a severe safety hazard to other beachgoers who cannot see the danger just beneath the surface. In the past, this has resulted in significant injury."