CTAHR Researchers Construct 108-Year Wildfire History Impacting Hawaiian Islands

"Flames move uphill in Oahu wildfire." Credit: PFX

"Flames move uphill in Oahu wildfire." Credit: PFX

Our partners from UH CTAHR, Drs. Clay Trauernicht and Creighton Litton are developing some fascinating research regarding 108-years of wildfire history in Hawaii. 

From the Source:

"In a paper published in Pacific Science, Trauernicht, Litton and collaborators drew on multiple sources to construct a 108-year fire history that demonstrates a more-than-fourfold increase in the area burned annually statewide in recent decades. Within the past decade, the state has experienced an average of more than 1,000 fires burning over 20,000 acres each year. Relative to total land area, the percentage of Hawai‘i that burned annually from 2005 to 2011 was comparable to, and in some years exceeded, that of the western United States."

"'Given the increasing threat of wildfire to communities and resources, and its disregard for property lines, wildfire management provides an opportunity to bring together diverse interests and stakeholders to work towards a common goal,” said Trauernicht.'"