Electrical Arc Suspected of Starting Maalaea Brush Fires

Post-fire next to powerlines from a previous wildfire in Maalaea in February 2016. Credit - HWMO

A common ignition source in West Maui is electrical arcing along powerlines. We are happy to say we are teaming up with MECO and Hawaii DLNR Division of Forestry and Wildlife on a project to clear hazardous vegetation from the powerlines. HWMO's $5,000 grant for fuels reduction along powerlines in the West Maui mauka area will be matched by MECO to help prevent wildfire ignitions.

From the Source:

"A passing motorist reported seeing a bright flash near the landfill and electrical transmission lines. Fire officials say the witness then saw a blue colored light travel quickly along the transmission line, across the highway, and up the West Maui Mountain.

Another flash of light was seen on the hillside and a short time later the brush fire was seen starting up."