Fire Prevention Week Highlights Importance of Smoke Alarms (VIDEO)

Honolulu Fire Department offers great advice on what you should do with your smoke alarms (visit for more information):

From the Source: 

"Changing out the alarm's batteries is just one of many tips students painted on a total of 48 murals now on display at every Oahu fire station.  Fire officials say it's a strategic move to help spread the word.

'Not only do the children learn about fire safety, they come home and bring that education to their parents as well,' said Capt. David Jenkins.

Their tip for all households -- to maintain smoke alarms by regularly vacuuming or dusting them.  Press that test button monthly and change the alarm's batteries every year."

"It's a common misconception to put fire alarms in kitchens.  Firefighters say ordinary cooking can set them off causing people to take them down altogether.  Their suggestion -- put them where you sleep.

"We should have smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside the sleeping area and we should have one on every floor of the building," said Capt. Jenkins.

Fire officials also suggest that homeowners change out their alarms every 10 years.  They say the alarm's electronics can wear out over time."

Above: Screen Capture from KITV4

Above: Screen Capture from KITV4