Green Sands Fire '50 Percent' Contained

When it's time to evacuate, make sure to listen to Civil Defense messages for the correct evacuation routes and shelter locations. Our hearts go out to those who's homes are being threatened in the Green Sands area.

For more information on the proper evacuation protocol, check out the Ready, Set, Go! Hawaii Wildland Fire Action Guide.

From the Source:

"Hawai’i County Fire Department crews are battling a runaway brush fire in the Na’alehu Green Sands subdivision.

The fire is reportedly burning out of control. No estimate as to how many acres have burned is currently available.

Residents in the Green Sands subdivision have been asked to evacuate. The evacuation is due to high winds and heavy smoke conditions."

"Naalehu brush fire. Photo credit: Eric Fandrick."

"Naalehu brush fire. Photo credit: Eric Fandrick."