Firefighters Protect Wahiawa Homes as 2nd Fire Burns Native Forest

Uluhe fern. Credit - Star Advertiser

Wildfires in Wahiawa are demonstrating what's at stake in Hawaii: protecting communities AND native forests. 

"The resident said 'chunks of ash' also blew through the air, settling on her yard and pressing through her screen windows."

Just goes to show how important Hardening Your Home and Lightening Your Landscape is!

From the Source:

"Firefighters worked through the night to beat back flames from a wildfire in Wahiawa that initially threatened homes Sunday afternoon. 

Meanwhile, another fire, burning in steep and rugged terrain in the Ewa Forest Reserve above Wahiawa, burned through native trees and ferns grew to 75 acres Sunday."

"The fire spread rapidly Sunday 'because of two key challenges,' Ward said. 'Strong winds are helping to spread the fire, and, second, steep terrain.'

She said the land features '60 percent native forest, including koa and ohia trees and, in the understory (below the forest canopy), uluhe ferns.'"