Fort McMurray Fire Photos Show Incredible Power of Historic Wildfire

Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada is facing a major crisis right now: a massive wildfire that has prompted the largest fire evacuation in the province's history. Over 88,000 residents were ordered to evacuate the fire that is even taking out parts of downtown. Our hearts go out to all of those affected - we know how terrifying it must be but the safest bet is to leave and to leave early during times like these.

From the Source:

"According to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, 80 per cent of the houses in the neighbourhood of Beacon Hill were destroyed by the powerful blaze.

Firefighters say they are preparing for a “worse” day Wednesday, anticipating strong winds and dry conditions to feed the already out of control 7,500-hectare-large inferno.

All 105 patients were evacuated from the local Northern Lights hospital within two hours, officials said at a news conference."