Scientists Prove Goats Are Better Than Chemical Weedkillers

Credit - Rodale Wellness

Credit - Rodale Wellness

We just completed a pilot project in Waikoloa Village in conjunction with the Waikoloa Village Association to remove hazardous fuels from within village vacant lots using...goats. Here's why we think controlled grazing with goats is an excellent option to reduce wildfire hazards within communities. 

From the Source:

"Not only are goats less toxic (obviously), but they're also much more affordable than chemical sprays...

The marshes aren't polluted with toxins, the farmers get a new source of income by renting out their livestock (and the goats get a free meal), and the land managers get a cheap fix for the issue. Plus, with a cheap, effective, and safe solution, the problems caused by the grasses can be solved quickly, allowing everyone to enjoy the beautiful beach views again."