Hawaii Firefighter Recruits Complete Training

Congratulations to the new class of Hawaii County Fire Department firefighters. Here's to a full year of rigorous training that included wildland fire training (and an Ready, Set, Go! Workshop by HWMO) and to the safety and wellbeing of our new service men/women.

Credit - Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Credit - Hawaii Tribune-Herald

From the Source:

"The class underwent 12 months of intensive instruction, classroom exercises and field work. The recruits received fire and rescue training that included a nationally recognized fire science curriculum, wild land fire training, rescue operations familiarization, aquatics competency certification and driver training."

"Training Capt. Darwin Okinaka and Recruit Training Officer Fire Rescue Specialist James Wilson spoke about the Hawaii Fire Department’s core values as well as stating that the duty of a firefighter is a great honor and privilege that should be earned, not given out as a liberty.

The 43rd firefighter class message was delivered by class president Mark Mochida.

'Training was not easy,' said Mochida, who thanked the chiefs, families, fellow firefighters and trainers. 'Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. Shake it off, take a step and learn from it.'"