Hawaii Island Brush Fire Still Out of Control - Residents Allowed to Return

Green Sands Subdivision residents were forced to evacuate due to an out-of-control wildfire driven by high winds. Wildfire season is here - we hope that you have everything you need to be Ready!

From the Source:

"Nearby residents are being allowed to return to their homes. They were evacuated earlier in the afternoon due to high winds and heavy smoke conditions. No one was reported hurt.

'Just smelling the smoke and it got worse and worse and all of a sudden I could see the smoke,' resident Patti Snyder told KHON2. “I thought, oh man, I better call the fire department back again and I told them where I thought it was and I said, well should I leave because I got ashes coming on my house!'"

Screen-capture from KHON2 video.

Screen-capture from KHON2 video.