HFD Warns of Brush Fire Risk as Dry Conditions Approach

Screen capture from KHON2

Screen capture from KHON2

We were honored to be a part of the media event that led to this news piece. Honolulu Fire Department offered great tips for preparing for what looks like a busy period of wildfires ahead.

From the Source:

“'You should keep your property well maintained,' said HFD spokesperson, Capt. David Jenkins. 'Keep anything combustible away. If it catches fire it shouldn’t be leaned up against your structure. Anything that can transfer the wild land fire to your home should be cleared away and put somewhere safe.'

Firefighters also say you should have a 30 foot buffer zone around your house and make sure to maintain a fire break.

Brush fires are a statewide problem and fire officials say the majority are started by people whether it’s an accident or intentional.

On Kauai authorities say there have been 70 brush fires since December all believed to be intentionally set.

Some tips for you to stay safe this season:

  • Clear away any brush or high weeds at least 30 feet away from any structures. That brush or weeds could act as fuel for a fire.
  • Make sure you keep a water course near your house.
  • If you see smoke, call 911 immediately.
  • If you are a smoker, do not discard lit cigarettes out of your vehicle."