HWMO's 5 Tips for the Upcoming Fire Season

Check out our latest PSA regarding how you can prepare for the upcoming fire season, courtesy of the Waikoloa Breeze. 

From the Source:

"There’s no prettier time to be living in Hawaii with the recent powdery snowfall on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa and the hills becoming greener and greener each passing day. However, through our fire prevention lenses, there’s no better time to be mindful of the buildup of flammable vegetation that will pose a significant fire threat in the upcoming fire season. Here are five things to do around your home to reduce wildfire risk:

- Limb your trees to within at least 6 feet off the ground to reduce “ladder fuels.”
- Remove leaf litter and other debris that accumulate around the building, under vegetation, in gutters, and other collection areas.
- Weed around the property regularly, especially areas that a lawn mower is not appropriate for (tall dry grasses, rocky terrain, etc.)
- Remove flammable materials from underneath the house, decks, porches, and lanai.
- Plant native, drought-tolerant plants around your home. By doing so, you can beautify your property while also protecting your home from wildfire ignition and spread, perpetuating an important natural and cultural resource, and requiring less maintenance. For examples of plants we recommend, you can visit our garden at the end of Melia St. "

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