Illegal Campfire Sparked Huge Big Sur-area Wildfire

"A burnt bicycle and car sit beside the ruins of a home that was destroyed by the Soberanes Fire in Palo Colorado Canyon on the northern Big Sur Coast on July 26, 2016, in Big Sur, Calif." (David Royal/The Monterey County Herald via AP)

As is commonly said: "all it takes is one spark." Investigators have traced the now 43,000 acre brushfire burning through the beautiful Carmel, Big Sur, and Pebble Beach areas to a single illegal campfire. Dozens of homes have been destroyed by the dramatic fire. When it comes to campfires and BBQs, clear vegetation 10 feet around and above them. Keep a shovel and water nearby and put the fire out COLD before walking away. Avoid open fires when it is windy or grass and brush are dry and make sure to follow any regulations regarding fire use.

From the Source:

"Whoever built and then abandoned the fire around July 22 in the Garrapata State Park could face criminal and civil penalties for sparking the blaze, which has now burned more than 43,000 acres near Carmel, Big Sur and the Pebble Beach golf resort. Authorities said hikers who reported the fire had to first climb up to a ridge top to get mobile phone reception."

"Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency to free up resources for firefighting efforts, and several neighborhoods remain evacuated. Homes in the area are spread amongst the hills, linked by narrow roads winding through the tree-and-brush-covered landscape parched by the state’s ongoing drought. Due to the drought and fire risk, campfires outside of campgrounds are barred in large sections of California."