Kapolei Brush Fires Considered 'Suspicious', Why So Few Cases Lead to Arrest

Credit - Jinelle Kaleikini

Credit - Jinelle Kaleikini

Arson is a very hard case to pull together, but with the help of everyday citizens, making the call to the local Police Department could make a significant impact.

From the Source:

“'It seems to be relatively infrequent,' said former Honolulu prosecuting attorney Peter Carlisle. 'There are plenty of fires intentionally set, but they’re difficult to prove because nobody saw what, when and how it started.'...

Officials say for justice to be served, prosecutors need evidence.

“We ask the public to report to police if they saw anything suspicious, before, during or after a brush fire. If they saw a car driving away, if they saw someone throw something into the bushes, we want people to report that,” said Capt. David Jenkins with Honolulu Fire Department.

“It would be extremely important whether you saw somebody running or the size of the person… Those types of things are very, very helpful,” said Carlisle.