Crews Battle Brush Fire in Waianae Mountains

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found one of the four fires of your scavenger hunt. 

The Keaau Beach Park Fire was the largest wildfire between 2008-2012 that burned during the Hooilo season. What might have led to a wildfire that burned such a large area during the wet season (think environmental conditions)?

From the Source:

"Three helicopters and ground crews battled a 200-acre brush fire in the mountains across Farrington Highway from Keaau Beach Park on Monday. 

The wildfire does not threaten property and remains far from from any endangered plants or animals. The fire was at least a half mile from the closest homes and from the highway Monday evening, said fire Capt. Terry Seelig."

"Army wildfire range control and state ground crews were flown up to use hand tools to create a firebreak.

The winds, about 15 to 20 mph, were blowing mauka, causing the fire to move away from homes.

The fire did generate a lot of smoke and ash, Seelig said."