Firefighters Contain 200-Acre Brush Fire in Kunia

“It’s very scary,” said one resident. “We are just kind of freaked out. Nothing like this is ever happened around here… We’re going to start packing just in case (we need to evacuate).”

A close call for this Kunia community is an important reminder to have an evacuation plan that includes everyone in the household, even your pets. 

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Dacanay

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Dacanay

From the Source:

“'My neighbor was actually on the roof. He could see and tell that it was pretty bad. I mean you didn’t have to be on the roof to see it that’s how high the flames,' said resident Wally Kumura."

"Crews got the call just after 6 p.m. Monday. The fire burned 200 acres north of the Royal Kunia subdivision."

"Marie Anderson rushed to her parents’ home to help take care of them and their dogs.

'I was fortunate because I was off tonight from work, so I was able to get here in time and just safety and secure and making sure everybody does stay safe,' she said."