Electrical Arc at Maui Electric Substation Sparks 7-Acre Wailea Fire

Credit: Ellen Raimo/Special to Maui Now

Maui firefighters are off to a busy start this year, this time battling a 7-acre brushfire in Wailea on Tuesday, April 5th. All it take is one spark to cause a wildfire. Be prepared in advance by making sure your home and family have an evacuation plan!

From the Source:

"Maui fire officials say the seven acre fire started after an electrical arc on a Maui Electric Company transmission line dropped a shower of sparks, igniting the dry grass below it.

Wailea firefighters first responded to the same area located about 300 yards mauka of Kalai Waa Street about 90 minutes earlier, at 9:28 a.m. Firefighters extinguished a grass fire which burned a 40 foot circle below a high voltage transmission line. The Wailea area experienced a power outage at about the same time."