Rains Ease California Drought, Make Wildfire Outlook Grimmer

Hawai'i is facing a similar issue, especially on the leeward sides. The lush greens emerging from mauka to makai may look beautiful, but once they dry out, they will become large loads of fuel for potential wildfires.

From the Source:

"The cruel irony is that the much-needed moisture may end up making a wildfire season expected to be catastrophic even worse than it would have been if the region had stayed completely dry. 

'The initial impact will be to dampen the immediate impact of fires,' said Drought Monitor author Brad Rippey, a meteorologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.. 'But this rain will be enough to promote spring growth of vegetation that may otherwise have been dormant because of the drought. There may actually be more to burn, at least the lighter fuels, than if it had stayed dry all the way through.'

Grasses will sprout and grow because of the rains, then they’ll quickly dry out and provide easy fuel for a major wildfire, he said."

Above: Courtesy of U.S. Drought Monitor

Above: Courtesy of U.S. Drought Monitor