Slide Fire: Forest Restoration Helped Crews Hold the Line

This is why we focus a lot of our efforts on fuels management projects such as fuelbreak creation. The fuelbreak in Waikoloa allowed fire crews to gain access and set up a solid fire line to defend Waikoloa Village from the state's largest wildfire, which occurred in 2005. We are continuing to experiment with living fuelbreaks as a way to integrate restoration goals with fuel mitigation goals.

Prevention and pre-suppression measures are key to reducing the threat of wildfires to our communities and natural resources!

From the Source: 

"Officials said a forest restoration project in Coconino National Forest has been key to maintaining a line around the Slide Fire and is a reason why pre-evacuation notices for two subdivisions near Flagstaff are set to be lifted at noon on Monday. 

An approximately 100,000 acre donut of restored forest surrounds Flagstaff, said Dick Fleishman, public information officer for the Slide Fire. It is designed to minimize risks of fire in the city.

'The reason we were able to hold this line is because of this treatment area,' Bill Morse, public information officer for the Slide Fire, said. 'Now we're getting much more comfortable about lifting the pre-evacuation.'

...The Four Forest Restoration Initiative will lead to fire-adapted ecosystems that include fuels reduction, forest health, and wildlife and plant diversity, according to its website.

'Think of this as going to a doctor,' Fleishman said. 'This is prevention.'"

Above: Screen-capture from AzCentral. 

Above: Screen-capture from AzCentral.