Kauai (South)

Brush Fire in Poipu Burns 215 Acres, Destroys Heavy Machinery

Destructive aftermath of the 215-acre Poipu fire. Credit: Kauai County

Destructive aftermath of the 215-acre Poipu fire. Credit: Kauai County

A busy week of wildfires across the state continues. This time a destructive fire on Kauai destroyed heavy machinery, trucks, and equipment in Poipu. Thankfully no one was injured, but the damages inflicted certainly remind us of the importance of being prepared far in advance of a fire. Check out Wildfire Lookout! for steps you can take to prepare your home and family for wildfire.

From the Source:

About 215 acres were burned, and heavy machinery, trucks and equipment that was stored at a green waste baseyard in the area were destroyed.

"'Thank you to our first responders who worked tirelessly for hours in extreme conditions to ensure the safety of our southside community,' Fire Chief Robert Westerman said. 'The Fire Department also appreciates all the help provided by the community, and we are fortunate that the fire did not reach any homes or cause injuries.'"

Wildland Fire Meeting on Kauai

Mauna Kea Fire Field Tour on second day of 2014 CNH Conference. Credit: HWMO

HWMO will be one of the speakers at this year's California, Nevada, and Hawaii WIldland Fire Conference in Kauai. Stay tuned to our HWMO Blog for a recap on the event!

From the Source:

"The event is geared for firefighting agencies at all levels of government to promote professional wildland fire management practices that protect lives and property, and enhance natural resource values.

Among the topics of discussion will be presentations by representatives of: the National Weather Service on the El Nino season and effects on fire conditions in Hawaii, Pacific Fire Exchange on challenges to rapid wildfire containment in Hawaii, and the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization."