Wolf Pups Rescued from Funny River Fire in Alaska's Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Another reason to commend our brave and dedicated firefighters!

From the Source: 

"A massive wildfire tearing through Alaska's Kenai National Wildlife Refuge has caused wildlife to flee the area, but not every creature managed to escape.

Earlier this week, firefighters found a den of wolf pups that had been left behind when the rest of their pack raced away from the advancing flames of the Funny River Fire.

The pups were dehydrated, injured and hungry -- but almost all of them were alive.

'On Tuesday, 5/27, we rescued 5 wolf pups from the fire line. Due to the disturbance the parents abandoned the den. The pups were not harmed by the fire although all had porcupine quills that were removed by the medics working on the fire line. The pups were all given water and glucose by the medics (see photo). Alaska Department of Fish and Game and refuge personnel removed the pups from the area and they were transported to Anchorage for holding prior to permanent placement elsewhere. Thanks goes to Gannett Glacier firefighters and Division X-ray medics for all their good work.'"

Above: The wolf pups. Credit: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

Above: The wolf pups. Credit: Kenai National Wildlife Refuge